Even though the Syrex and Redstor partnership was formalised last year, the journey towards it began more than two decades ago. Part of this can be attributed to how technology has shifted towards off-premise environments and the importance of safeguarding the data residing there.

“Over the past 23 years, Syrex has tried numerous technologies that cover the gamut of backup and security. As the business world started embracing off-site solutions, the on-premise environment has become less of a priority. However, Syrex never found an offering that ticked all the backup, business continuity, recovery, and security boxes required for this online environment. Fortunately, Redstor was able to deliver on all our requirements,” says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex.

Berndt believes that in the bandwidth-sensitive African market, finding a partner that could meet all the data management needs of businesses, including cloud backup and security, using incremental features, as well as instant recovery has always been a priority. Being able to dynamically adapt to the speed of the connectivity of an organisation is a competitive advantage in this challenging economic environment.

“The Redstor approach delivers on this promise while incorporating sophisticated security features such as ransomware protection. With its InstantData functionality, Redstor is also the industry leader in terms of recovery capabilities whereas their competitors inevitably suffer from some backup and restore failures.”

He says Redstor is not only very effective, but also offers an instant recovery solution that delivers on the always-on expectations of the connected business.

“The partnership between Syrex and Redstor delivers good value for the unique needs of the South African market. Syrex can deliver a fully virtualised environment for any business at its local data centre. This solution fits perfectly into ‘Disaster Recovery Planning’ which most organisations are currently investigating. It allows for full off premises resilience and the ability to recover, backed up, virtual servers seamlessly into the Syrex private virtual platform or the Microsoft Azure public platform as a service. And then there is the archiving solution offering redundancy at two different locations to consider as well.”

But beyond the innovative technology, the partnership is about the commercial aspects of data recovery and business continuity as well.

“Being able to deliver an integrated offering in the cloud to companies of all sizes are instrumental to the success of this partnership. We are working closely with Redstor to continually refine and innovate so our customers get solutions catering for their specific needs. It is all about relationships and designing solutions that fit easily into a business.”

And in such a cost-sensitive market as South Africa, the relationship-driven, bespoke approach is one that attracts interest from organisations across industry sectors.

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