Syrex, in conjunction with its partners Redstor, Mimecast, Microsoft and Check Point, will be hosting an exclusive panel discussion examining the security, compliance, and technical aspects surrounding the migration of data to the cloud on the 19th of July at the Bryanston Country Club.

“Thanks to the arrival of hyper-scale cloud providers in South Africa, the journey of data into the cloud has become a business-critical topic of discussion. Given the dynamic regulatory environment surrounding the protection of data as well as the technical and security challenges in the digital world, decision-makers must stay abreast of all the latest trends and developments in this area,” says Ralph Berndt, Sales Director at Syrex.

To this end, the panel will discuss some of the more pertinent areas around how to manage data in a cloud environment. The panel consists of Andre Voges, Country Manager for South Africa at Check Point Software; Shaun Searle, Country Manager for African Regions at Redstor; Mikey Molfessis, Sales Engineer at Mimecast; and David Herselman, Managing Director at Syrex.

“It is expected that by 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the fault of the customer and not the service provider. While cloud providers offer significantly more advanced security than what most companies can afford to have on-premise, the data still needs to migrate into that environment. This puts the responsibility on the organisation to ensure that it is migrated and managed as securely as possible,” says Berndt.

Given how an estimated 21% of files in the cloud contain sensitive data such as financial records and business plans, companies must be more responsible in how the information is saved. Using open connections and relying on anti-virus and firewalls as the only security measure can no longer be considered good enough.

“Our panellists will highlight how comprehensive, a cyber security approach must be, in an always connected business environment. Considering the financial and reputational repercussions for having data compromised, they have no choice but to embrace a more secure outlook when it comes to their data being migrated to the cloud,” concludes Berndt.

Syrex’s partners Westcon and Teraco, who are also sponsors of the event, will be on-hand to provide further practical insights on Microsoft Azure licensing and Private Cloud hosting in the South African market.

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