Premium DIA Internet

Syrex Premium Connect is a pure 1:1 Direct Internet Connection (DIA). This fully-managed service is delivered over fibre, microwave and spectrum wireless infrastructures. An ideal solution if you require dedicated Internet connections with high capacity and throughput.

***Pricing is indicative and subject to feasibility***

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Broadband Internet

Syrex Broadband Connect is a reliable uncapped internet service delivered over fibre, microwave, and wireless infrastructures.


Syrex Connect

Syrex Connect is a dedicated fully-managed point-to-point connection. The service is delivered over last mile fibre, microwave, spectrum wireless and Syrex APN infrastructure. It offers a high capacity, low latency link between branch locations or to a data centre, an ideal solution for clients looking to consolidate infrastructure and improve network performance across multiple branches.


Syrex Core Connect

A dedicated, uncontended point-to-point product delivered on fibre between all major data centres. These include, but not limited to Teraco (nationally), Africa Data Centre, Dimension Data, Hetzner, JINX, Openserv, MTN and Vodacom.