Syrex Core Connect

A dedicated, uncontended point-to-point product delivered on fibre between all major data centres. These include, but not limited to Teraco (nationally), Africa Data Centre, Dimension Data, Hetzner, JINX, Openserv, MTN and Vodacom.


Broadband Internet

Syrex Broadband Connect is a reliable uncapped internet service delivered over fibre, microwave, and wireless infrastructures.


Premium DIA Internet

Syrex Premium Connect is a pure 1:1 Direct Internet Connection (DIA). This fully-managed service is delivered over fibre, microwave and spectrum wireless infrastructures.


Syrex Connect

Syrex Connect is a dedicated fully-managed point-to-point connection. The service is delivered over last mile fibre, microwave, spectrum wireless and Syrex APN infrastructure.