inq. expands footprint into South Africa with the acquisition of Syrex

(Date – Johannesburg) – inq., a Convergence Partner’s company, is set to acquire Syrex, a provider of hyperconverged cloud technology solutions in South Africa. The strategic acquisition bolsters an already robust business offering from Syrex to provide innovative, reliable, and industry-leading solutions to the South African market. inq. a leading

Welcome to the era of hyperconvergence

Welcome to the era of hyperconvergence Ralph Berndt, Sales and Marketing Director at Syrex The traditional view of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) sees it combining storage, computing, and networking into a single system. But in today’s connected world, this definition must extend to now include integrating everything on a software layer.

Check Point Infinity delivers all-in-one cybersecurity

Syrex, Check Point Infinity deliver all-in-one cybersecurity for today’s connected business environment The hybrid working environment has seen more companies embrace the cloud as the means to provide access to data, solutions, and services instrumental for business growth. But in doing so, organisations expose themselves to a rapidly evolving threat

The impact of the pandemic on cybersecurity

By Ralph Berndt, sales and marketing director of Syrex Even prior to the pandemic, organisations had begun putting in place elements to manage distributed employees whether that be through corporate remote desktop or virtual private networking (VPN) capabilities. However, this was not done at the scale and at a rate

Understanding requirements key to hybrid cloud transition

By Ralph Berndt, Sales and Marketing Director at Syrex South African organisations have been looking at deploying hybrid or multi-cloud environments as one of the ways to digitally transform operations and provide an enabling environment for their distributed workforce to remain productive. And even though more employees are returning to

Joe Public positioned for digital growth thanks to Syrex-driven ICT environment

To ensure the ongoing technology requirements of the agency are met, as it continues to expand and embrace more digital-centric operations, Joe Public has contracted Syrex to deliver a full complement of ICT solutions in a partnership that began in 2012. Founded in 1998, Joe Public is one of the

The 5 must-have considerations of endpoint protection solutions

Ralph Berndt, sales and marketing director of Syrex In today’s connected landscape, there is a growing complexity associated with safeguarding the myriad of endpoint devices accessing the corporate network. The unpredictability of attacks and threats are increasing, and threat actors are using increasingly sophisticated technologies to compromise devices. Adding further

Workforce mobility and end-user devices

By Ralph Berndt, sales and marketing director of Syrex Even though workforce mobility has always been important, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more critical. The hard lockdown experienced in South Africa and other parts of the world made adapting to a distributed work environment a

Syrex staff do their bit for Mandela Day

As part of its annual Mandela Day corporate social investment initiative, Syrex has completed its outreach with the Friends of Rescued Animals (FORA) shelter. Syrex staff members donated dog food, blankets, toys, and cleaning materials. FORA is a shelter for unwanted dogs and cats, situated in Krugersdorp (Mogale City) and

Ensuring that your cyber security is built for purpose

By Ralph Berndt, sales and marketing director at Syrex Implementing effective cybersecurity solutions today comes down to their practicality and ensuring the fundamentals are in place. Companies must identify the data that must be secured, the reasons behind securing it, and finding the most cost-effective ways of doing so. There

Doing business in a fragmented landscape

By Ralph Berndt, Sales and Marketing Director at Syrex To say that 2020 was a shock to the system is an understatement. And while the current market is still an uncomfortable space to be in, companies are slowly adjusting to the new normal. A significant concern for decision-makers now is

Blair Atholl Primary Farm School

Syrex is extremely excited that its iPad lab project for 10 iPad plus peripherals has been completed. Syrex partnered with iSchoolAfrica in order to bring the best technology and classroom practices to Blair Athol Primary Fram School. This partnership will uplift and improve the lives and futures of these children. The