Syrex offers a fully managed service for our Enterprise Firewalls, and through our strategic partnership with Check Point® we are able to tailor solutions for both organisational and budgetary requirements. Our next generation firewalls are available as both physical and virtual FWaaS.

Growing complexity in security infrastructure puts a huge strain on the efficiency of the security organisation. Operators must constantly update firewall policies, build and provision new network resources and test the effects of changes on the network at large. Worse, the data they need to monitor is scattered in different silos. But with a single, consolidated view of the security infrastructure, security professionals can do more work with less stress and redundancy, thus reducing operational expenditures.

Our range of end point protection products and services means that we are able to provide you with enterprise grade security from basic anti-virus to full end point threat prevention and extraction.

Mimecast’s integrated suite of cloud services provides email risk mitigation for Office 365 – bridging the gap between single vendor and best-of-breed. Mimecast products provide defence in depth against targeted threats, strengthen data integrity and provide disaster recovery in the event of a Microsoft® infrastructure outage. Services include additional features such as continuity, archiving, large file sending and targeted threat protection to ensure the best possible security and recovery for your business. User awareness training is also an option on this professional platform.

The lower overhead, predictable costs and simplicity of Office 365 seems attractive. But for all its strengths, Office 365 as a single provider cannot fully replace the additional security protection, data loss avoidance and uptime assurance provided by essential add-ons to on-premises email systems.