Syrex, a leading provider of virtualised and hybrid network infrastructures and solutions, has been awarded the prestigious Check Point 4 Star Partner Status. This is in addition to the company currently holding the Check Point Partner Sales Certification (CPSC) status.

“By becoming a 4 Star Partner, Syrex is able to work even more closely with Check Point to gain an enhanced understanding of its product offerings and how it can be applied to the unique requirements of South African companies,” says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex.

The Check Point Star programme was launched in 2015 and provides access to accelerated training for Check Point Partner sales teams. It provides these partners with the resources needed to provide the highest level of service to deliver cyber security solutions to customers.

“The Star programme provides us with the sales tools needed to generate faster quotes, protect and track deals, and gain insights into how our customers are using their Check Point solutions. In a world where being connected is mission-critical and safeguarding sensitive organisational data is a corporate priority, becoming a 4 Star Partner takes our value proposition to a completely different level.”

From attending the exclusive annual Check Point Annual Sales Kick-Off event to certification, sales, and technical assistance centre training, the Star programme has been designed to enable partners to maximise their revenue potential while delivering the highest standard Check Point service to customers.

“This is a significant accomplishment and could not have been done without the unrelenting work of an experienced and committed team. Thank you to everyone at Syrex for assisting us in getting this outstanding achievement as we continue pushing the business to the highest standards,” he concludes.