Ralph BerndtThe Hystax Acura live cloud migration and disaster recovery (DR) solution is now available through its strategic South African partner Syrex. This provides organisations with a simplified and fully automated platform to securely conduct large scale migrations to any cloud environment irrespective of the source location.

“Hystax delivers advanced cloud migration and DR software that is integrated with all cloud platforms. It greatly reduces the complexity typically involved with a lift-and-shift approach and radically improves project timelines from months to days. Using Hystax Acura, companies can move all their IT infrastructure including network settings, machine data, and metadata, while having guaranteed data consistency across any environment,” says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex.

The solution delivers a complete agentless experience that performs live background replication to a target site with no data loss. Furthermore, companies remain fully operational during the process. The migration can be broken up into four stages – identifying the workloads and replicating them; recreating networking and creating a migration plan; running an unlimited number of test migrations, and finally planning and executing the migration.

“By fully automating the migration process when it comes to business application structure and topology, there is no risk of the misconfigurations typically associated with a manual process. The solution only runs on the customer environment to ensure data security is not compromised at any stage of the migration,” he says.

From a DR perspective, Hystax Acura provides continuous background replication of all production workloads. It features instant failover and automated failback that supports any of the public or private clouds available. It supports cloud backup scenarios to enable organisations to easily safeguard their mission-critical data irrespective of the platform. And because this integrates with continuous data protection, all busines continuity needs are taken care of.

“Because there is no vendor lock-in when using Hystax Acura, decision-makers can rest assured that they have a fully automated solution that can deliver class-leading performance in any environment. Cross-cloud DR that is a notoriously complex undertaking is completely resolved using the Hystax offering,” adds Berndt.

The integrated portal of Hystax Acura mean all aspects of the cloud migration and DR can be managed behind a single pane of glass.

“Hystax Acura reinvents how cloud migrations take place. It will fundamentally change the market in South Africa by giving organisations of all sizes with a fast, safe, and reliable way of embracing the cloud for their operations,” concludes Berndt.