Aside from adding value to the networks of progressive business clients, the company is adamant that technology, expertise, education and resources can be used for the greater good of communities – especially those that are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The company’s Social and Ethics Committee decided to honour the legacy of Nelson Mandela on a more regular basis.  The company now selects one charity or not-for-profit organisation affiliated to a cause that employees feel the need to support, be it education, animal welfare, the elderly or desolate and people in need.

In July Syrex partnered with the SAME Foundation and other businesses to spread a bit of joy to learners from Blair Atholl Primary and host a day full of fun and activities.

In August the company directed efforts towards the Friends of Rescued Animals (FORA), a shelter based in Krugersdorp (Mogale City), Gauteng.

The shelter was established to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals, including cats, dogs and a few pigs. It does not have a vet on-site, so all sick and/or injured animals need to be taken to a vet for proper medical care. The facility is an astounding set up, where it is apparent that all the funds are channelled to the animals placed there. Their environment ensures they live in larger areas with companions so that quality of life is maintained from all.

The staff at FORA see the worst cases of abuse and neglect and through continual care, love and behavioural work, these animals are given a second chance.

Approximately 20 members of Syrex staff with their families went to the shelter to spend time with the animals and deliver goods donated by the company, which goes a long way to maintaining a quality of life that is acceptable. Our team were privileged to be able to work with the animals that are still learning to trust humanity, as a whole. The whole morning was a very humbling and rewarding experience

In September the company will support the Santa’s Shoebox Project, an annual initiative organised to collect and distribute personalised gifts of essential items and treats for underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.

Syrex encourages other companies to get involved and reminds corporate South Africa and Namibia that pledging for the Project is already open.