Our on-site and cloud platforms are designed to resiliently host and manage client applications. These services are fully managed and ensure minimal client interaction to provide maximum uptime and availability to all business-critical systems. 

We are able to evaluate and deliver both private and public cloud offerings specifically catered to your needs, including mail and cloud server options as well as off-site backups.



As a Microsoft Gold and CSP Partner we provide the complete Microsoft 365 and Azure product stack as well as traditional licenses. Our highly skilled technical teams are also ready to assist with migrations from your traditional email and applications services to Microsoft Cloud services. We are also able to provide you full software asset management reviews as well as a cloud readiness report to assist in your journey to the cloud.


Virtual Servers

Syrex’s Enterprise Private Cloud Servers are designed and built on enterprise grade architecture using industry standard virtualisation engines as the foundation. We provide multi-tenant virtual environments located at Teraco™ data centres allowing you the ability to connect to a host of peering partners. Our virtual server solution is both scalable and offers various options for your storage processing requirements.


Data Centre Hosting

Syrex offers enterprise grade hosting and co-location infrastructure out of all major data centres nationally. Our co-location services allow our customers to benefit from data centre security and power redundancy whilst giving you the ability to manage your own hardware and services and only pay for space and power usage.


Cloud Backup’s | Redstor

Our cloud backup solution is both flexible and easy to manage and designed to protect your application infrastructure from both physical and virtual environments. Our Enterprise Backup enables you to meet stringent RPO and RTO objectives by significantly reducing the time it takes for a backup or restore to complete. Utilising incremental backups and advanced byte and block-level patching techniques, together with compression and client-side deduplication, Our Enterprise Backup achieves extremely high levels of efficiency.


365 Backups | Redstor

Believing cloud services, such as Microsoft 365, do not need a backup is a dangerous assumption. Section 6 of Microsoft’s own Services Agreement states: “We recommend you regularly back up your content and data . . . using third-party apps and services.”


Cloud Migration and HA

Syrex has partnered with Hystax to develop a cloud migration and DR/HA service that allows clients to effortlessly migrate servers into a Hyperscale Public Cloud. Presently Syrex has aligned itself with Microsoft Azure but will be soon adding Amazon Web Services to it’s portfolio.