Hystax and its recently appointed strategic South African partner Syrex, will be hosting an exclusive webinar on Thursday, the 17th of September from 14:00 to 16:00 to demonstrate how companies can automate their migration to the cloud.

Using the Hystax Acura live cloud migration and disaster recovery solution, local companies across all industry sectors, now have access to a simplified and fully automated platform to securely conduct large scale migrations to any cloud environment irrespective of the source location.

“This means that regardless the service provider, workload, or application, a business can completely automate its cloud migration. Leveraging the high availability of Hystax and the security of Check Point, combined with the local expertise we provide, ensures that decision-makers get access to a public cloud-native solution that eliminates the complexities of their transition to an online environment,” says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex.

Hystax Acura is a hyperscale, platform-agnostic solution that meets the needs of any company in its transition to the cloud. So, whether it is an SME looking for a more agile approach or a large corporate that needs to find a more effective way of replacing its legacy environment, Acura can deliver.

Furthermore, Hystax Acura not only enables disaster recovery to any public or private cloud, but it also delivers cross-cloud capabilities.

“In Hystax Acura, companies can take care of all their cloud migration needs using a fully automated solution. This event is our first since we announced the partnership with Hystax and we are looking forward to illustrate the real-time benefits that Hystax Acura can deliver,” adds Berndt.

Click here to register for the event:  https://www.syrex.co.za/webinar-registration/