The partnership between Syrex and Redstor, now heading into its third year, has seen the provider of virtualised and hybrid network infrastructures and solutions deliver significant value to its customers when it comes to the Redstor backup and disaster recovery offering.

Ralph Berndt
Ralph Berndt

“The journey between Syrex and Redstor began more than two decades ago and was formalised in 2018. With Redstor, we can provide customers with a comprehensive offering that meets all the backup, business continuity, disaster recovery, and cyber security requirements of the digital business,” says Ralph Berndt, Director of Sales at Syrex.

Not only is Redstor easy to use, but there are no licensing costs involved, making it one of the most affordable options available in the market.

“Redstor provides users with full encryption and instant recovery giving our customers peace of mind that their data is safe. While many might be concerned about the usual backup challenges when it comes to migrating from their existing solutions, the work Syrex and Redstor have done makes this a smooth transition.

No business can afford not to have a reliable backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery approach in place. Data has become the lifeblood of any organisation and any compromises can significantly impact on its ability to continue operating and delivering on customer expectations.

Furthermore, Redstor provides dual data centre storage with full resilience with customers having access to a professional support team on both the sales and technical sides.

“Redstor is our partner of choice when it comes to backup and disaster recovery as no other provider can match their level of expertise, product offering, and support. Together, we provide customers with one of the most complete ICT value propositions available in the market currently,” concludes Berndt.